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How I can take part is organized as an association. Protagonists of the spoken-word scene who wish to distribute their works on this platform must be members of the association.

Conditions for admission to the association

  • You must be a protagonist of the spoken-word scene as an author, a publisher or a promoter.
  • You must actively and regularly engage in the spoken-word scene – for authors this means at least 2 years of practice resp. participation in at least 12 public spoken-word events.
  • Admission is decided upon by the association’s board.
  • In exceptional cases the board can decide on a simplified admission process.
  • If deemed necessary, the board may ask to see examples of an applicant’s work.
  • Members of the association do not necessarily have to have any audio files for sale; they can become members of the association without intending to actively take part in the sales platform; conversely, it is not possible for non-members to offer audio files for sale on the platform.
  • The conditions for offering audio files for sale on the platform are laid out in the membership contract.
  • Every member enters into a contract with the association.