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Tanja Kummer

Sein Gratistrack : D'Chue im Zug und de Esel am Berg

Author Tanja Kummer was born in Frauenfeld in 1976. So far, she has published five books. Her most current work “Alles Gute aus dem Thurgau” was published by Knapp in Olten. Together with the yodeller Christine Lauterburg and the musician Dide Marfurt she formed the trio “vergiiget, verjuchzet, verzapft” in 2008 and also enthrals audiences as a solo artist with her spoken-word texts that are distinguished by verve and wordplay. As a writer, she also blogs for thurgaukultur.ch, publishes op-eds and stories in newspapers, magazines and through Radio SRF 1 and SRF 3. She has received various prizes and grants for her work.